Home Groups

St Paul’s is a large church, but many of us find that we can enjoy closer and more meaningful relationships with people in a smaller group. Home groups exist to serve this purpose, and also to provide an environment to enjoy fellowship and build meaningful relationships. Groups study the Bible or other related topics in a more interactive and discussion-orientated environment. We encourage everyone to join a home group, but some choose not to for whatever reason, and that’s fine.

Different groups meet at different times to cater for different lifestyles, and they each have their own ‘flavour’.

Caring – The aim is to create an environment where people trust each other and develop a sense of pastoral care within a loving community. Whilst the Home Group leaders have a key role in this, each member is encouraged to develop caring relationships inside and outside the weekly meetings.

Serving – This is the action side of caring. For instance, group members may provide practical help to those who are in need in the group. Serving may also include reaching out to those who are not yet Christians, using the home group as a base for outreach, or for prayer for those with whom the group has contact.

Learning – This may involve the study of a Bible book or topic, or the reading and discussing of a Christian book on some life-related theme. Members are encouraged to use and develop their spiritual gifts within the group, such as in Bible study, leadership, prayer, worship or serving.

Worshipping – Our main goal is to glorify God, and Home Groups provide a great opportunity to worship in a small fellowship, in music, prayer or communion.

If you would like to become a member of a home group please contact us and we will try to place you with a group that meets to suit you.

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