Our vision and values

St Paul’s is a church that longs to see God’s kingdom come within us, among us, and beyond us.

And the way we will see this happen will be through…

Loving God

We worship God in all we do, wherever we are – not just on Sundays.
We are open to God’s Spirit leading and transforming.
We are constantly exploring, questioning, wrestling with new creative ways of living out Jesus’ life.
We are on a journey bringing the richness of the past to the challenge of the future; change is assumed, innovation is expected, new life is welcomed.

Loving ourselves

We value the image of God in all people and welcome all who come among us.
We embrace the salvation Jesus offers in the healing of relationships, the way of Jesus cannot be lived alone.
We believe all life is spiritual, and that all our fears, failures, hurts and brokenness can be made whole.
We celebrate the truth that all life is sacred, encountering the divine in the daily moments of life and celebrating our friendship together.

Loving others and creation

Led by the Spirit of God, we are passionate about justice and relieving suffering.
We join the God of life in offering his love to others in creative and honest ways.We offer our time and resources to do the things that God cares about.


We work with others
to see society transformed
and God’s dream realised.

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