WaterAid Lent Appeal

WaterAid Lent Appeal Jars of ChangeThis Lent, WaterAid is asking churches across the UK to support the Jars of Change appeal. Support from churches will help end the arduous journeys that communities in Madagascar, and around the world, face daily to collect water.

To take part in the appeal simply donate the money you save by giving something up for Lent. Put the money you save in a jar and bring your jar in after Lent. Your support will help bring clean water to children like 8-year-old Neny, from Tsarafangitra village in Madagascar which doesn’t currently have any access to safe water.

Neny faces making the long and difficult journey to collect water from a dirty pond up to four times a day. The 1.5km walk takes her along a busy, dusty main road and then down a very steep path which is almost impassable in the rainy season. The pond is a breeding ground for malarial mosquitos, it is surrounded by mud and ferns, the surface is thick with algae and leeches lurk in its murky depths. It is no wonder that Neny and the other children in Tsarafangitra village often suffer from diarrhoea.

Neny’s dream is that her community will soon get taps and running water. She says, ‘If we had water I would be able to play with my friends, as I would no longer have to fetch water far away from home. I would no longer have tooth and head pain, or have to go to the doctor. I would be able to focus on my studies.’

Please help Neny and others like her achieve her dream.

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