Welcome to St Paul’s church. Our vision is LIFE.

We commit to go out and share the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that people may know life in all its fullness.

Church Life

New to St Paul’s? Each service has its own unique style and we offer a creative mix of worship for all ages. Here you can find service times, all about children and young people, and meet the team. Come and join us!

New to St Paul’s

We’re glad your here. We understand it can be daunting if you’ve never been to a church service before or you’re visiting a new church. This page gives you some idea of what to expect and what a service at St Paul’s is like. Come and join us!

Children and young people

We want to be a church for all ages, whatever your age you’ll find something for you. Come and join in!

Baptisms, weddings and funerals

These are events that occur in all our lives. You can find all the information needed to arrange any of these at St Paul’s. Find out more here.

Sermons and talks

This section offers a wide range of sermons and talks recorded at St Paul’s church during our 10.00am Sunday service. Some of the latest talks are listed below. We hope you enjoy them. Listen to them here.

Bible in a Year
During 2019 we are following The Bible Project’s Bible in a Year reading plan. On Sundays we’ll be looking at readings from the previous week or looking forward to readings or themes ahead. Some weeks videos are available that explore the themes. More information can be found at The Bible Project

The New Testament

The New Testament is not a whole new story, but a continuation of the entire Bible so far. The Old Testament tells an incomplete story about God and Israel and their continual failings to be the people God calls them to be but gives hope of a coming Messiah. The New Testament tells the story of that long awaited Messiah, Jesus.



Matthew: Be ReconciledMatthew VideoMatthew: Be Reconciled
Talk from Sunday 25.08.2019 at the 10.00am service
Speaker: Revd Nick Armstrong
Readings: Exodus 19:20-20:21 and Matthew 5:1-23,43-48


Matthew 2: The Lord's PrayerMatthew: The Lord’s Prayer
Talk from Sunday 01.09.2019 at the 10.00am service
Speaker: Revd Rachel Robertson
Readings: Matthew 5:13-15 and Matthew 6:5-15


Mark: Partners with God in Evangelism
Talk from Sunday 08.09.2019 at the 10.00am eXplore service
Speaker: Lynda Hingley
Readings: Mark 4:1-20 and Matthew 9:35-38


John 1John 1 of 2John: Partners with God in Generosity
Talk from Sunday 15.09.2019 at the 10.00am service
Speaker: Dan Robertson
Readings: John 2:1-12 and Mark 12:41-44

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